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1. Full name? 
Maren Elizabeth is my first and middle

2. Zodiac sign? 

3. Three fears? 
- when people give you vague instructions and then a limited amount of time to do something you've never done before

4. Three things I love? 
- my friends
- character building
- music

5. Four turn on's and four turn off's. 
I hope u realize I'm not into romance lol
- I like when people are kind to retail workers (like put away things and use polite words)
- people who laugh often
- passionate people talking about what they love is one of my favorite things
- if you like the same bands as me you're an automatic friend sorry I don't make the rules

- people who think it makes them more cool and interesting to hate everything (I was like that at one point and I regret it entirely I'm sorry if you had to be within 100 feet of me then)
- people who don't clean up after themselves and make other people do it because 'it's their job'
- people who don't accept being turned down
- people who get mad at you when something happens that isn't your fault

6. My best friend? 
Monochrome-ColorsContinuedExperimentEmD-Neko-Chan, Terachanglianzylan, xXIZ-DELXxhazy-skies, Virginia, and Ember (who are not on DA)

7. Sexual orientation? 

8. My best first date? 


9. How tall am I? 

10. What do I miss? 
I miss when school didn't make me hate life 60% of the time

11. What time was I born? 
idk like 1am or something

12. Favorite colour? 

13. Do I have a crush? 

14. Favorite quote? 
the first that came to me was "The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger" from Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

15. Favorite place? 
marching band contests in 70 degree weather when there's no drama feel fantastic

16. Favorite food? 
chocolate milk lmao

17. Do I use sarcasm? 
too much

18. What am I listening right now? 
Thriller by Fall Out Boy
long live the car crash hearts ayy

19. First thing I notice a new person? 
their expressions when I talk to them usually tells me if they think I'm weird and should just stop talking to them vs if I should continue

20. Shoe size? 
9 or 10

21. Eye colour? 
dark brown

22. Hair colour? 
dark brown

23. Favorite style of clothing? 
skinny jeans and t-shirts are pretty much most of my wardrobe
I also really like jackets

24. Ever done a prank call? 
they've happened in my presence

25. What color of underwear I’m wearing now? 
green I think

26. Meaning behind my username? 
I couldn't stop thinking about "it is I, the frenchiest fry" and I wanted to change my username from CrazzyToast12 while keeping the toast vibe u feel

27. Favorite movie? 
Big Hero 6 and Wreck It Ralph are both v nice

28. Favorite song? 
ohhhh my god don' t aks thi s

29. Favorite band? 
Fall Out Boy, Owl City, Panic! At The Disco, Gorillaz, My Chemical Romance
I realize I'm trash but that's ok because my headphones sound nice 2 me

30. How I feel right now? 
really hyped up about being home (I was on a week-long road trip until last night)

31. Tattoos and piercing I have? 
ears (i cried when they got pierced)

32. Tattoos and piercing I want? 
I'm terrified of needles
my ears were mentally devestaing enough

33. What's my strangest talent? 
I've never been repeatedly beaten by anyone at Just Dance
that is def my game

34. Do I believe in ghosts?
not unless it's 3am and I'm in the shower lmao

35. Do I believe in magic? 
no t really

36. What’s the weather like right now? 
it's always windy in Oklahoma

37. Do I like the smell of gasoline? 
sure idk

38. Do I have any nicknames? 
sister calls me Mare
group chat calls me Mern
I get called Toast/Toasty on the internet sometimes
I'm also called Mom teasingly irl bc I'm kind of the mom friend

39. What was the worst injury I’ve ever had? 
I broke my arm in 2 places at the same time in 6th grade PE

40. Can I touch my nose with a tongue? 
not with my personal tongue but I'm sure I can with someone else's

41. Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me? 
an eos chapstick, sharpies, colored pencils, a note pad, paint, a lamp

42. Favorite animals? 
holy smokes um I like whales and birds and dogs

43. What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it? 
the Under Pressure cover by My Chemical Romance and the Used, Novocaine by Fall Out Boy, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, Back To Earth by Steve Aoki, My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy, Phoenix by Fall Out Boy, Ghost Train by Gorillaz, Superfast Jellyfish by Gorillaz, ok I'll stop now lmao

44. I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power? 
teleportation sounds so rad u don't even know

45. Left the house without my wallet? 

46. Smoked cigarettes or drank alcohol? 
nah man nah

47. Been overweight or underweight? 
overweight- 5th grade I think
underweight- 6th grade I think (I hit a growth spurt from 4'11" to 5'6" and that happened)

48. Learned another language? 
public school French class

49. Dyed my hair? 
the idea of it sounds rad but I'm too scared to try it

50. Do I like my handwriting? 
it isn't usually terrible

51. What was my favorite toy as a child? 
I had this Woody doll thing that I loved
I wanted to be Woody as a child

52. One of my scars, how did I get it? 
I was running up a down escalator a few years ago when we went on a road trip in the east
it was at a 2-story walgreens in New York and it left this huge mark on my knee

53. Favorite pizza topping? 
pepperoni swaG

54. Am I afraid of the dark? 
I'm afraid of what could be in the dark

55. Am I afraid of heights? 
not typically

56. What I’m really bad at? 
video games in 1st person
acrylic painting
making myself sew cosplay more than a week before con

57. What I’d do if I won in a lottery?
pay for art school
buy an apartment
maybe I'd publish comic books woah
buy fantastic concert tickets
donate to those kids on tumblr who really need it
fund kickstarters
make better cosplay
go to the really rad cons
give plane tickets to Em and Izzie so they could visit America

58. Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
depends on the situation but usually behind

59. How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?

like 10 minutes

60. Tag people! 
nnnnaaahh man


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the loop


Joseph is hella rad


hi idk what to write here but fanart and ocs are fun to draw yeah

also for some reason DA has my birthday wrong because my birthday is actually November 7


My sister-


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